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Dave Harvey: Unleashing His Entrepreneurial Spirit with DoodyCalls

November 1, 2023

Dave Harvey, a serial entrepreneur and the owner of DoodyCalls in West Haven, Connecticut, has combined his love for pets and his entrepreneurial drive into a successful venture. In this blog post, we will look into Dave Harvey’s journey as a franchise owner at DoodyCalls and how he has brought his passion for pets to the forefront of his career.

A Pup-Centric Career Path

Dave Harvey’s story with DoodyCalls begins with a deep-rooted passion for pets. Before becoming a franchise owner, he was a longtime owner of a doggy daycare business. His experience in this field gave him valuable insights into the needs and preferences of pet owners. Partnering with Jasmine Cruz, his doggy daycare business partner, Dave saw an opportunity to expand their entrepreneurial portfolio by joining the DoodyCalls family.

Joining DoodyCalls: A Perfect Fit

DoodyCalls, a nationwide leader in pet waste removal services, has made a significant impact in the pet care industry with its commitment to keeping communities clean and pets and their owners happy. When Dave Harvey decided to become a part of this thriving franchise, he saw the potential to leverage his existing client base and provide an essential service that pet owners often need.

Dave expressed his excitement about the partnership with DoodyCalls, saying, “we are thrilled to be a part of the DoodyCalls family and the Authority Brands team. Our local team has over 15 years of industry experience, and we can’t wait to bring our superior service and dedication to both residential and commercial customers to best serve our community and keep pets and their companions happy.”

How Dave Got Started With DoodyCalls

Dave’s journey into the world of DoodyCalls wasn’t just about business; it was about turning his passion into a career. While looking for a new business opportunity, he spotted a DoodyCalls truck in a nearby town, and that moment sparked an idea. 

He realized that he could combine his love for pets with his franchise expertise and provide a valuable service to his own neighborhood. This fusion of passion and entrepreneurial savvy is at the core of Dave Harvey’s success.

Jacob D’Aniello, Founder of DoodyCalls, acknowledges Dave’s potential and enthusiasm for the franchise, saying, “Dave’s dynamic portfolio, history in franchise entrepreneurship, and passion for pets make him and his team a perfect fit for DoodyCalls, and we are excited to have him help our business grow in Connecticut. Dave’s strong work ethic and business drive will prove to be successful in this new venture.”

Dave Harvey’s journey as a franchise owner at DoodyCalls exemplifies how passion and entrepreneurship can come together to create a successful business venture. His commitment to providing exceptional service to pet owners in his community while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism is a testament to his dedication. 

As DoodyCalls continues to grow its footprint in the pet waste removal industry, Dave Harvey stands as an inspiring example of how individuals can turn their passion into a thriving franchise business that benefits both pets and people alike.

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